Do you have an item you would like to donate? If so, click here. Be sure to include your name, the item(s) you would like to donate, and your contact preference (phone # or email address). You must be willing to make arrangements with the person who would like to claim the item(s) for the transfer of said item(s). 

*New City Church is making this service available, but we cannot be responsible for holding onto items or making the exchange of items. 

     ITEM TO BE DONATED                            NAME & PREFERRED CONTACT INFO.





Need an item? Click here to list the item(s) desired along with your name and preference contact info. (phone # or email address). Once someone provides the item, they will be given your contact info. in order to complete the transaction. 

*New City Church is making this service available, but we are not responsible for holding onto items or making any exchanges of said items. This will be the responsibility of the parties involved.

        ITEM(S) NEEDED                        NAME & PREFERRED CONTACT INFO.

1.  Toaster Oven                                   Ron Brown  (310-890-8557)

2.  Garage Space for 1930 Model A  Gary  Thompson (310) 955-7801

3.  Cat food                                           Ron Brown (310-890-8557)

I have a cat colony of 15 cats in my backyard. I just completed getting 4 kittens and and the one remaining 1-year-old fixed. Last year I trapped nine cats but I was unable to catch that one. Now all of them are done! No more babies. I had a lot of help from the Peter Zippi foundation. Hopefully some animals lovers can help me in feeding God's little creatures! Thank you!

4.  Need some help around the house:    

Change a door knob with one I have.

Fix my foot bar on my adjustable bed.

Hope someone can help me.                    Ron Brown (310-890-8557)